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How to Use Visual Tracking in Roulette to Boost Your Winning Chances

How to Use Visual Tracking in Roulette to Boost Your Winning Chances


Roulette is regarded as one of the easiest online casino games to play. With the assistance of an online casino betting ID provider, even beginners will be able to place bets on the online Roulette table without needing to know every detail. However, more experienced players might argue against this concept. To become a roulette expert, you must understand a few different strategies.

Visual Tracking is one of the strategies used by players to predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. It involves closely observing the roulette wheel and a ball to predict where the ball might land. This skill might sound complex, but it becomes an invaluable part of your gaming strategy with practice.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the roulette table, understanding visual tracking could transform the way you play. It turns each spin into a more thrilling and potentially rewarding experience.

How Can Visual Tracking Help You Win at Roulette?

Visual tracking is a strategy some roulette players use to guess the outcome of a spin. This method focuses on watching the roulette ball and the wheel closely. The aim is to figure out where the ball, or “pill” as it’s sometimes called, will land.

You might not have heard much about visual tracking because it’s quite challenging. It requires certain conditions to be just right and demands a lot of concentration. That’s why some people prefer to work in teams to increase their chances of success, even though it makes the process more complex.

Wondering if this is all above board? Absolutely. Visual tracking doesn’t use any gadgets; it’s all about practice, focus, and skill.

How Does Visual Tracking Work?

The approach varies, but often, expert trackers use the single zero on a European Roulette wheel as a starting point. They keep an eye on this point as the wheel spins, using their peripheral vision to follow the ball.

Usually, the ball and the wheel spin in opposite directions. The ball blurs, especially when it zips past the green zero slot. It might seem bewildering initially, but with time, players usually get used to it.

Trackers also pick another reference point on the wheel’s rim to count the number of times the wheel spins. This second point helps them keep track of the wheel’s revolutions more accurately. It’s typically chosen between the track of the ball and the numbered pockets, directly opposite the tracker’s viewing angle.

In essence, visual tracking in roulette is about keen observation and prediction, turning the game into not just a chance but a skillful challenge.

Calculating Speed and Ratio

When the dealer drops the ball into the roulette wheel, it repeatedly passes through a precise point. This pattern lets you gauge both the ball and the wheel’s speed. Typically, the ball travels five times faster than the wheel, resulting in six passes.

These passes occur 60 degrees apart. As the ball decelerates, the frequency of these passes decreases, happening every 90 degrees, and eventually, every 180 degrees. This change indicates the ball and the wheel moving at similar speeds.

Later, the ball’s speed reduces further, about half the speed of the wheel, leading to three passes spaced 120 degrees apart.

You might also notice that the roulette wheel’s deflectors evenly split the wheel, serving as a handy visual guide.

Conditions for Visual Tracking

For visual tracking to be effective, certain conditions must be met. Otherwise, predicting the outcome using this method won’t be reliable.

Wheel Model: The roulette wheel should be an older model with a suitable ball track, ensuring the ball spins at a consistent speed.

Steady Ball: The ball needs to land in a similar area more than half the time. A ball that bounces unpredictably is difficult to follow.

Viewing Position: Choosing the right spot to watch the game is crucial. Having a friend assist can be beneficial, providing a better angle for observation.

It’s important to note that visual tracking isn’t feasible with online roulette due to RNG (Random Number Generator) software and animations. However, it’s possible with live dealer games, given that they fulfill the necessary conditions. You can play these live dealer games through an online casino betting ID provider.

Before jumping into betting, spend some time observing the wheel across several spins. This observation period is crucial for confirming that visual tracking is viable on that particular wheel. Rushing into bets without this preliminary check can hinder your success with visual tracking.



Strategies and Visual Tracking

While visual tracking may not pinpoint the exact number, aiming for the correct area can be quite beneficial. When paired with a smart betting strategy, tracking can enhance your outcomes. It’s especially good for strategies like split bets.

However, trying to guess the color that comes up might not work as well. It’s harder to predict the color than a certain area or number.

Also, money management techniques, such as the Romansky betting system, can help cut down on losses and boost your chances of winning. This approach to playing can make a big difference in your results.

Are There Any Downsides to Visual Tracking in Roulette?

Visual tracking isn’t foolproof. It demands lots of practice and a bit of trial and error. Because it requires specific conditions to work well, you won’t always have the chance to use it.

Also, remember that roulette comes with a house edge of 5.26%. This means you have a slim margin for making mistakes. To profit in the long run, you need to get good at it quickly.

Despite these challenges, visual tracking can be a valuable skill. It requires the right combination of skill, experience, and suitable casino equipment to be effective.


Visual tracking offers a unique way to guess where the ball, or “pill,” might land on the roulette wheel. But, it takes a lot of practice and patience to master. It’s not always spot-on because estimating the speed and ratio just by watching can be tough. But, give visual tracking a try next time you play roulette. Over time, you might just start to get a grasp of it.

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